About Lyndsay Wells

Lyndsay Wells is a blogger and host of an internet cooking show "The Kitchen Witch." Professionally, she is the Public Education Program Coordinator at Vancouver Island Crisis Line where she works as a manager, trainer and program developer who also happens to have a passion for food and cooking!

Lyndsay has been married to her husband Vaughan for 24 years. They have an adult son, Matthew, who lives in Vancouver and works in the film industry, and a miniature schnauzer named Max who took the place of Matt, the day after he went away to college.

Every blog should have a dog!
 In the world of food and cooking, Lyndsay is an award winning recipe developer, a website ambassador for Kraft Foods Canada, and a Tastemade partner.

In 2011 her recipe for Pistachio and Couscous Stuffed Pork Tenderloin won the $20,000.00 grand prize for entrees in a contest sponsored by Kraft Foods Canada "The Real Women of Philadelphia." It was prepared for over 300 people, including Celebrity Chef Anna Olson, and Rosie Edeh from Entertainment Tonight Canada.

The Real Women of Philadelphia crew at The Thompson Hotel in Toronto.

As a result, she shot several promotional videos for KRAFT and her original recipes were part of the launch of Cooking Creme in Canada.

 In 2012 she appeared on the Food Network show Recipe to Riches where her recipe for Asian Snack Wraps came in second in a Canada wide search for the best savoury snacks in the country. She has been published in Taste of Home Magazine, in a Kraft Foods cookbook, and most recently won Gourmandize's Winning Dinner for 2013.

Lyndsay believes cooking should be approachable and easy and has great tips and ideas for putting together sophisticated looking dishes that cooks of all levels can accomplish.

Visit her on her YouTube Channel, The Kitchen Witch, or right here on The Kitchen Witch blog - any way you slice it, you're in for a delicious time!

 "Making magic in the kitchen is easier than you think!"

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  1. I love Ms. Lyndsay and her Kitchen Witch YouTube channel :)