Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cherry Hill - Mother's Little Helper

Hello Dear Readers!

Welcome to my blog series "Cherry Hill" an ongoing drama about the life and times of young wife and mother Amanda Fitzpatrick in 1947 Cherry Hill Saskatchewan.

When last we left Cherry Hill, our town matriarch Mrs. Wilson, threw a Parisienne dinner party in the hopes of match making her son - Cherry Hill's war hero come home - Jack Wilson, with town nurse, Val Gilbert.

Val, head nurse to Amanda's Husband, Dr. Paul Fitzpatrick, has spent a lot of time out of town with the good doctor and, upon advice from her mother, Amanda has decided to broach the subject of Nurse Valerie.


June 1, 1947

Dear Mother,

I summoned the courage to have a talk with Paul last week. This after having witnessed the production Val made at Mrs. Wilson's Parisienne dinner when she discovered a hair in her green beans. I mean really! Frankly Mother, it was the very last straw because I have been grinning and bearing this red head and her tight fitting skirts for far too long.

While I know that Paul is devoted to me and the children, I can't help but to feel somewhat hurt and resentful that he takes her out of town so frequently. She may be a good nurse, but enough is enough!

So I put together Paul's favourite dinner of Macaroni and Cheese with Mediterranean Meatloaf.

I set a beautiful table, lit a few candles, and sent the children to bed early.

By the time Paul arrived home, tired and impatient as ever, I had everything put together for a perfect evening - including a dry vodka gimlet for both of us, thank you very much.

 Once we had enjoyed our cocktail and some small talk about the various illnesses and travails of the people of Cherry Hill, I felt that Paul had relaxed sufficiently enough to hear what I had to say.

And so, after much throat clearing and second helpings, I managed to choke out the way I've been feeling and somehow found the courage to ask that he think about the possibility of hiring another nurse - preferably one much older and more heavy set!

If looks could kill, I swear I would be dead in my grave right now because Paul was absolutely fit to be tied.

His eyes bulged out, and the veins in the sides of his neck grew so tight, I swear I could see them tremble.

And then he got angry, spouting off all kinds of nonsense about accusations and trust.

Quite frankly, I was so taken aback by his reaction, I didn't even hear the half of it - but then, as quickly as he got angry, he calmed right down and became almost sympathetic, claiming my time spent alone with the children was taking its toll.

It was so very odd. 

He promised a trip abroad would be in order some time soon, but that, until then, he was going to prescribe me something. Apparently this is the latest thing for housewives - medical science has created a "pick me up" in the form of a pill designed to combat all forms of melancholia.

Mother, by the time the conversation was over, I was so relieved Paul was back to normal, I lost sight of the fact that we never solved the issue of Val - and, quite frankly, I would be hesitant to ever bring it up with him again.

In the meantime, I have tried my little pill and it certainly acts as promised in taking the edge off things, but I noticed at Bobby's baseball practice yesterday Jack looking at me strangely. I almost thought he was going to approach me to talk - but Bobby wanted to go home, and, truth be known,  I was feeling a little loopy and in need of a nap.

For the life of me, I don't know why Jack's eyes haunt me so, but maybe, in my secret heart of hearts its because he notices me. Mother, I would never say this to anyone but you - and perhaps it is the curative power of these pills, but sometimes when I'm around him, I feel more lonely that I ever have in my life.

Sometimes it makes me want to pack up from Cherry Hill and just come home.


I'm merely feeling sorry for myself.

Paul was probably right, and this is just a bout of melancholy. Thankfully I am married to a brilliant man who knows just what I need to see me through.

Until next week, Mother, please send my love to Daddy and the girls.

Your devoted daughter,


To read the next installment in the popular Cherry Hill series visit here: Mrs. Wilson Makes an Insinuation

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tales of the Poolboy - Are We Filming Tonight? Featuring Hashbrown, Egg, and Bacon Skilllet

The other day at work I was involved in a meeting with five other colleagues. We were camped out in my office brainstorming a project when the phone rang. I checked my call display and saw that it was my husband;  historically and affectionately known as The Pool Boy.

My colleagues were deep in discussion and barely noticed as I picked up the phone.

Below is a transcript of the conversation with the portion they were made privy to in red.

Poolboy: Hey, love what do you want for dinner tonight.

Me:  I don't know, maybe some kind of a quickie.

Poolboy: What about one of those skillet dinners you make?

Me: Mmmmm.. that sounds good, do you feel like filming me tonight?

Poolboy: We could do that, is the camera charged?

Me: We're all charged up and good to go. Make sure the overhead lighting is set up for the final shots - they're going to be sexy. 

Hand to God people, that is exactly what I said.

And then I turned around. 


Apparently not everyone in my life is aware that my husband and I shoot cooking videos.

And how was your day?


For the printable version of today's Weekday Wednesday skillet click HERE.

I hope you enjoy our video artistry! 



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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life Lessons Learned watching Top Chef Masters Season 3, Episode 1

We're a year late and a dollar short here in Canada, but season 3 of Top Chef Masters, featuring  hunkalicious Chef Curtis Stone as host, and fabulicious food critic Ruth Reichl on the judging panel, has finally come to Food Network Canada and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Not only because I'm addicted to the entire Top Chef franchise, but because for some reason I seem to gain spiritual insight every time I watch. 

Wax on wax off,  grasshopper Top Chef master.

In any case, because blogging, cooking, and watching any and all forms of cooking related TV are therapy for me, I decided to share the spiritual insights I glean from watching Season 3 with the 15 people who read my blog the world.

So let's get started with my  first "Yoda of the Day," Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill Restaurant and Truck in Los Angeles.

For a food TV nerd such as myself, I get all giggly about Mary Sue because she was the other half of the dynamic cooking duo known as The Two Hot Tamales along with long time collaborator Susan Feniger on the Food Network back in the 90's.

I not only hoped Mary Sue would do well, I predicted she would come out of the gates swinging - and, oh what gates they were!

Tonight's episode began with a cornucopia of distinguished chefs competing in a CHOPPED style challenge where they were faced with mystery baskets filled with ingredients like frog legs, black licorice, chicken livers, and marshmallows.

And after doing a disastrous Chopped style challenge myself a few weeks ago with black licorice (food nerds play Chopped in our own kitchens when no one is looking) I was amazed at what the Masters came up with - good, bad, and ugly.

The challenge finalists ended up being Mary Sue Milliken who cooked with frog legs and cottage cheese and Traci des Jardins who got the dreaded black licorice. In a photo finish, Traci took the prize and won the first pot of quick fire money for her charity.  

Out of that, two teams were formed: The Quick Fire Winners vs. the Chefs who didn't fare as well with their mystery baskets.

And the competition?

Top Chef Masters isn't playing around because our Masters were thrown head first into Restaurant Wars!

It was here, in the heat of the restaurant openings that four very important - and it should be added, incredibly applicable to my current life - life lessons began to emerge.

Lesson #1

1. All things are wonderful and applicable in their own time. But past glory and recognition are always a part of a certain time and a particular place that, most often, cannot or should not, be re-created.

Mary Sue Milliken made this mistake by re-creating a chocolate cupcake dessert that, early in her career, had been hugely successful but that in 2012  has already been done. I am reminded of this in my own life as I embark upon new projects - perhaps it's better to focus on what I'm doing now rather than go backward and rely on what was successful in the past. The past has brought me here, what can I create as I move forward?

Lesson #2

Naomi Pomeroy from Beast restaurant in Portland Oregon provides our next life lesson:

2. Although there are some things that work well for us in our own environments, the wise leader is observant and listens to others, re-adjusting their vision based on the team they are working with, the environment they will work in, and the circumstances they will face.

Seating everyone at once to create a buffet dining approach may work at Naomi's Portland restaurant, but it put a lot of unneeded stress on the kitchen during this crucial first battle - which, fortunately for Naomi, turned out a victory despite the kitchen being slammed. But still, this is an important lesson; we must be open and willing to readjust our vision.

Lesson #3

3. The third lesson came from Chef Hugh Acheson, who opposite to Mary Sue Millken, did not rely on the past, and instead went on a limb with a whole new preparation - this time with scallops. He teaches us that, though we may have confidence, it's important to think things through and that, when it comes to taking big chances, spur of the moment decisions that haven't been completely thought out can lead to regret (this is a current theme in my own life and something I am working on).

In the end, it came down to a decision between Mary Sue, who relied too much on the past, and Hugh, who took a big chance, and, sadly, it was Hugh who was first to go home.

Which takes me to a final life lesson:

4. Never make an assumption based on appearances.

In today's battle between the two teams, it would be easy to assume our quick fire team would win and that Chefs like Mary Sue Milliken and Hugh Acheson would be untouchable - but life teaches us that none of us is untouchable and sometimes its the underdog who reaches above and takes it all.


Just for fun, here's a Chopped style challenge from yours truly that went very right... black cherry ice cream as a sauce for pork tenderloin? I think so!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

My Top Five Food Pairings for Summer

Like Romeo and Juliet, Forrest Gump and Jenny, or peas and carrots, some foods - and people - are just meant to go together.

And as the weather grows warmer, its often fun to change things up and experiment with new flavours and combinations.

With that in mind, I have gone back into the annals of Kitchen Witch history and have my five favourite food pairings to share with you today starting with:

1.  Grilled Lemon Basil Chicken and Pasta with Salsa Cruda and Basil Oil

This first pairing celebrates my favorite flavors of the summer- fresh basil, sun sweetened tomatoes, and lemon marry perfectly together to make a healthful and easy dinner!

2. Beer Marinated Pork Chops and The Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes

This is one of those meals I like to make for casual weekend entertaining. Better still, it can all be prepared ahead of time. Serve with corn in the cob and fresh lemonade and you have a meal everyone is going to love!

3. Turkey Chili Con Carne and Apple Cheese Muffins

Serve a cast iron pot filled with this healthful and delectable chili on your next camping trip or cook out. It can be made ahead and frozen in flat re-sealable freezer bags for easy transport, and paired with these wonderful apple cheese muffins, people will be coming back again and again!

4.Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Florentine and Easy Arugula Salad


An easy to assemble, fresh pairing for relaxed weekday dining.

5. And finally, today's featured Kitchen Witch video starring Grilled Lemon Herb Halibut and Creamy Lemony Rice. This is my side dish recipe of the month!

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Stay tuned tomorrow for the first installment of "Life Lessons Learned Watching Top Chef Masters."




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Sunday, May 27, 2012

How A Pork Tenderloin Saved my Life Part 14 - Lunch with Anna Olson

Our story continues the day after The Real Women of Philadelphia Cook Off in Toronto...


The next morning I spent a relaxing hour in the Thompson Hotel's rooftop pool followed by a light breakfast to calm my nervous stomach. With the cook-off now officially over, one would think my anxiety addled brain might have slowed down a bit, but truth be known, I was a nervous wreck for the bulk of the time I spent in the mighty T Dot. And Tuesday, a day featuring lunch with Anna Olson, had me in knots.

Friends who have been around the blog awhile  are already familiar with my patented brand of angst and neurosis and are probably breathing a nervous sigh - knowing that though I appear somewhat together to the naked eye, something had to happen at that lunch...

Did I tuck my skirt into my panty hose? Knock over a water glass? Call our esteemed chef by the wrong name *again* or eat something with the wrong fork?

As an aside, does anyone else get stressed out while eating in nice restaurants?

Growing up, the closest thing I ever got to fine dining was the rib eye special and complimentary salad bar at our local Bonanza - and even that was only once or twice a year at best. So you can imagine what a fraud I feel like every time I'm faced with a well set table (let's not even get started on how to hold the fork - tines up or down - people, I have lost sleep over that one)

Anyways, with all that said, you can imagine what was going through my mind as I sat down to have lunch with a celebrity chef I have admired for years and the 11 other finalists in the contest.

 Was I unfolding my napkin in the correct sequence?

Was the red lipstick on my water glass in bad taste?

And what if I had lipstick on my teeth - or worse, spinach?


With all that going on, I missed the part of the waiter's description of what we were being served for lunch, tuning in just as he described a succulent roast of lamb.

"Mmmmm..." I thought, because it sounded lovely, and as we enjoyed what I believed to be our first course of salad I began to relax. It was just a restaurant after all.

And then, the lamb came.

Or what I thought was lamb because I hadn't been paying attention.

My panicked brain went into overdrive - fully believing that the rich and famous of this world had taken to eating uncooked meat and that I, among them, would not only have to eat it, I would have to enjoy it!

I looked around the room as the other finalists dove into the lamb with wild abandon, oooing and ahhhing over how good it was.

Like a bungy jumper without a rope, I closed my eyes, and placed a tiny slice in my mouth - tines down thank you very much.

Trying not to gag - remember, I fully believed I was eating raw lamb - I began to chew and "Sweet victory!" not only was it edible, it was darn well delicious!

I resolved then and there never to cook my meat again.

And that's when the next course arrived...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present the lamb.

As succulent and delicious as promised!

And the perfect accompaniment to the Ahi Tuna pictured above.

Raw meat dilemma, notwithstanding, lunch that day remains among some of my fondest memories.

But the best was still yet to come because as we foodies devoured an amazing lunch, talk was already on dinner and where we would go. I had my heart set on a Mark Mckewan restaurant until Anna Olson suggested Canoe - an acclaimed restaurant on the top floor of the TD Bank Tower - and made us reservations! The Real Women of Philadelphia Canada were not only dining in style, we were to be expected guests that evening.

Tune in next week so I can tell you how it felt for this small town gal to be treated like a rock star!

If you missed earlier installments, they can be found HERE.


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What's Happening at The Kitchen Witch this Week

Hey everyone, and Happy Sunday once again!

I hope my American friends are enjoying a beautiful Memorial Day weekend - if you're on the lookout for a sumptuous meal on the grill, check out today's featured recipe down the side bar.

Because of the long weekend, I'll be skipping Meet the Experts tomorrow and will, instead, feature one of my most popular Cooking with Philly side dish recipes! Oh, and watch for another installment of How a Pork Tenderloin Saved My Life later today!

Here in Canada, Season 3 of Top Chef Masters begins Monday night. Though we're a little behind the US (season 4 already begins there in July) I'll be reviving "Life Lessons Learned Watching Top Chef Masters" and can't wait to share this combination of tongue in cheek food related zen with everyone here!

Weekday Wednesday is all about breakfast for dinner, and you won't believe the plot twist I have in store for Amanda and the gang in Thursday's Cherry Hill blog!

Foodie Friday brings another Kitchen Witch original recipe - this time inspired and named after my niece Amy who won last week's Name that Dish challenge on The Kitchen Witch Facebook page!

If you want a recipe created just for you, like my page, join the fun, and watch for Name that Dish!

And then lookout for another Next Food Network Star season 8 recap also on Friday - taking us into another weekend, more cocktails, and lots of gossip!

So hop on board and, because I luvs ya, here's a little vintage Kitchen Witch featuring my garden, and two DYNAMITE salad recipes: A Summer Salad Extravaganza!

Here's to a fabulous week ahead! Bring the daily magic of The Kitchen Witch straight to your inbox every time a new one is written.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gordon Ramsay vs Mario Batali ~ Cocktails and Gossip ~

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to another installment of Cocktails and Gossip!

Today I'm going to tell you about another feud in the world of food - this time between Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay - two super egos who have apparently been at it since 2007 when Batali made public statements that Ramsay's food was dull and outdated. Ramsay responded by creating a nic name for Batali,"Fanta Pants" that he allegedly passed around New York.

As an aside, this feature has certainly been an eye opener, as I wasn't certain there would be sufficient gossip floating around out there (you know, where the truth is) to fill a weekly feature.

How wrong I was!

There is a world of egos, feuding, backbiting, and double dealing occurring in kitchens across North America just waiting for us to discuss!

But Fanta Pants?


From someone as adept as Ramsay at the fine art of the nasty insult, Fanta Pants just seems kind of silly - I mean, I want some meat with my potatoes when it comes to my celebrity feuds!

Batali apparently took it less than kindly, though, and in 2009, banned Gordon Ramsay from all of his restaurants. "Gordon bugs me," he said, "Now he goes about town calling me Fanta Pants."

He went on to say the ban could be lifted, "If Gordon called me himself and said, 'Let's sit down for a drink.' I'm sure it would be fine. We'd be cool. But right now it's not cool."

Mario, Mario, Mario - when will you learn?

If you insult another person's art, which in Gordon Ramsay's case is his food, you have to expect a little retaliation; and in this case, I think Batali got off pretty lightly. I'm sure we can all think of other words that begin with the letter F that would have been far nastier than "Fanta."

But does the feud continue?

I'll let you be the judge.

Gordon Ramsay was a guest on Jimmy Fallon earlier in the month and sprinkled along with potshots about past contestants on Hell's Kitchen he shared that he loves "Top Chef" and "Iron Chef" and would love to go up against Mario Batali. However, Ramsay said that before he would ever go on "Iron Chef," he would have to enter an Iron Man competition because otherwise "I'll be the size of Mario Batali."

Followed by, "It's a joke! God almighty! He's a great guy."

Me thinks, somehow, Batali won't be laughing.

Now let's have a cocktail!

Today it's all about the Strawberry Daquiri. CHEERS!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Foodie Friday - Smashed Wasabi Potatoes

For today's edition of Foodie Friday featuring restaurant worthy meals that can be made at home, I thought something on the grill along with an incredible recipe for smashed potatoes would fit the bill!

In today's step by step video I will show you how to out together a delicious grilled chicken recipe from a blog called Kalyn's Kitchen along with the following original Kitchen Witch recipe for Smashed Wasabi Potatoes.

Click HERE for the printable recipe.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Next Food Network Star Season 8 - Embrace the Pickle

"I want to pull the star out of you." 
~ Chef Bobby Flay, Next Food Network Star Season 8


In the world of food related entertainment, the saying "What goes up, will surely come down" has continued to hold true - especially in the battle to become TV's Next Food Network Star.

Remember early superstars from past seasons like Orchid Paulmeier?

She was doing so well at the onset of Season 7 and I remember worrying that she was beginning to peak too soon.

And surely enough, she was let go - much to my chagrin - because she got stalled by her own excellence and never fully embraced how great she was.

Crisis worker that I am, when I'm not marinating pork chops, I have a healthy respect for the things we can learn when faced with adversity, which is why I was relieved to see several members of my "Superstar" team hit some hard times in this week's episode.

In the long run, it's all about learning and growing and I sometimes wonder if  Orchid had crashed and burned a little more in the very beginning and then had the chance to rebuild, if that might have helped.

But that was last year and I have to get over it.

(People, what can I tell you, when I love a contestant, I am loyal.)

Onward to Season 8!

This week the chef's were charged with leading city wide tours through the most iconic food neighborhoods in Manhattan and with each team assigned a neighborhood known for its culture and cuisine, I was super excited to watch and learn more about places I too would enjoy visiting.

Giada's team was assigned Arthur Avenue, a neighborhood known as the original Little Italy, which was a stroke of good fortune considering Giada is a brilliant Italian chef (if you haven't tried her recipe for Chicken Piccata yet, people, get thee to the skillet!).

Bobby's team was assigned Harlem which was, again, an advantage as Chef Flay is a native New Yorker who has spent a lot of time in Harlem and his team member Malcolm was born and raised there.

"This is going to be like taking candy from a baby," said a joyous Malcolm as Alton Brown introduced the Lower East side, a traditional Jewish neighborhood, to his team.

From the get go, it appeared Alton's team had the steepest learning curve in terms of food culture and learning about traditional Jewish fare - at the same time, however, they were reminded by Alton that this could be an excellent opportunity for letting their star power shine.

After they were introduced to the neighborhoods, each contestant was assigned a restaurant, shop, or bakery and given the task of adapting a food item into an original dish that they would then be serving to the people on their tour bus.

Some of the chef's went all in and once again vineyard chef Eric blew me away. His presentation was relaxed and funny and it was his dish - flaky cheese filled pastries with coffee caramel - that I most wanted to try.

Ippy made an inspired soup and wowed everyone on the tour bus with his easy going, approachable personality - to which I say - Ippy, take heed Orchid's experience in season 7 and know I'll be rooting for you!

Malcolm from Bobby's team stepped it up big time and I really enjoyed his presentation - ditto for Martina who put together a ceviche with fresh oysters, clams, and prawns, and our final superstar, Justin who was assigned a type of bagel called bialys. He turned his version into portable caviar snacks which, to my mind, was brilliant. These were people coming to New York to feel some of the magic - and what could be more magically New York than caviar?

On the flip side, a few of our already beloved contestants ran into problems.

Emily, who had a fabulously retro idea for miniature matzoh stuffed meat loafs - a dish the judges and tourists all enjoyed - unfortunately got struck with a wave of motion sickness on the bus that threw her off.

Michelle seemed to have lost a little of her chutzpah this week and I wonder if she would have fared better on the Lower East Side because she was not feeling her version of fried catfish. Martie and  a few of the others  stayed in the middle of the pack, leaving Kara - who was openly uncomfortable about cooking soul food and didn't share the history and story surrounding fried chicken and waffles and Judson who was left to devise a dish featuring pickles. He was advised by Alton Brown to "Embrace the Pickle" but didn't quite step up to the plate. His delivery also lacked the genuineness the Network saw in him last week.

In the end, it came down to the Producer's Challenge and I agreed with their decision to keep Judson.

Although I like Kara, I think she lacked a little bit of confidence and that, in the end, tripped her up.

That being said, I am quite convinced that, in person, she would be an amazing boot camp instructor. I loved her point of view of bringing warm family food memories back to life and wonder if she might not have been the best person to come from the healthy perspective because I immediately took more notice when she began talking about her mom's twice baked potatoes on the basis of portion control.


On the topic of potatoes, let's play the Food Network Star game!

If you had to cook for your life with a potato dish, what would you serve?

For me, it would have to be my Twice Baked Potatoes with Gruyere and Buttery Prawns or Lobster

Stay tuned next week as our competitors go head to head with the judges (and baskets) from CHOPPED!

Catch up on any episodes you missed by visiting my Food TV page! 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Cherry Hill Series - Green Bean Catastrophe

In a series of letters written home to her mother, young doctor's wife, Amanda Fitzpatrick, shares the ups and downs of small town life in 1947 Cherry Hill Saskatchewan.

When last we left Amanda, she and her husband Paul had been invited to a Parisienne Dinner by town matriarch, a certain Mrs. Beverly Wilson!


May 30, 1947

Dear Mother,

I had to write because I'm still positively reeling after what happened at Mrs. Wilson's Parisienne dinner last Saturday night! You'll recall from my last letter, she invited a group of us over for a night of "fine dining a la Francais" and extended the invitation to Jack and Paul's nurse Val - which I am certain was a ruse to get them together.

I never would have pegged Mrs. Wilson as the match making type, but when it comes to her son, she certainly isn't afraid to pull out all the stops!

But I have to give credit where it is due because the meal was lovely.

We began with something called Coquille St. Jaques which included an assortment of seafood bathed in a cream sauce  - certainly not your average fare for Cherry Hill - but delicious nonetheless.

Of course, Mrs. Wilson was more than vocal throughout the evening, letting us know we were being treated to the latest in food.

Mother, if I didn't know any better, I could have sworn I caught Jack rolling his eyes!

However, it wasn't the food that created the melee that evening, no, it was a certain Nurse Val who, over our entree of Coq au Vin and Duchesse potatoes discovered a hair in her haricots almandine, and made such a fuss about it, I honestly wished the floor had opened up and swallowed me whole; I was so embarrassed!

She pulled the offending hair from her green beans as if in slow motion and then, staring at it like it was some kind of bug on a stick, she began to gag - at which point Paul jumped up and began thumping her on the back, asking Mrs. Wilson to pour some more wine, and after Val finished off an entire glass of white wine with a second glass at the ready, sanity was restored.

I will say, though, it put a damper on the rest of the evening and the wind was certainly out of Mrs. Wilson's sails as she served the Baked Alaska.

In the meantime, I picked up something in Val's smile as she looked at my husband that told me the entire production was somewhat amusing to her and the feeling I have in the pit of my stomach grew stronger and more alarming.

Mother, I have decided to take your advice and approach Paul about this. Based on her behaviour at Saturday's dinner, I think Val might be a little unbalanced and I would be far more comfortable if my husband had a different nurse!

As for any kind of romance between herself and Jack, I don't see that occurring. After the hair incident, Jack excused himself, and Mrs Wilson, who has never been adept at hiding her feelings, cast an icy pall around the table that I would be content never to experience again!

Well, that's all the news from Cherry Hill for this week! I will write again next Thursday.

Your loving daughter,


Click here to read the next installment in the Cherry Hill series: Mother's Little Helper


 To read other installments in the series, visit HERE.
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